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Craft Club

Intimate gatherings, celebrating seasonal transitions.


February 4th - Imbolc

March 23rd - Spring Equinox

May 12th - Beltane

June 23rd - Summer Solstice

Haywards Heath

What to expect

Following the seasons, and the shifting energies of these cycles, can bring you more in tune not only with nature but also yourself.

The next Craft Club in on 23 March, and will celebrate the Spring Equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Equinox marks the first day of Spring and day and night are of equal length. It is a time to throw off the constraints of winter, make plans, and embrace the warmth and light.

We will be mixing our own bath soak with specially selected flowers, essential oils, and other soothing ingredients to nourish dry winter skin, and wash away that which we don't need to take in to the rest of the year. We will also be making sachets to hold our mixes.


Over the rest of our time together we will gently move any stagnant winter energy and prepare for the warmer months, take time to journal on the new life that is unfolding, and share homemade tea as a community.


Why not gift yourself two hours of rest, rejuvenation and crafting?!


If you would like to explore living more seasonally, with likeminded souls, I’d love for you to join me!


23 March 


£30 (craft supplies included)

Held at my home in Haywards Heath, address given upon booking.


If this is prohibitive, please do get in touch so that you can still enjoy the class.

Access: There is limited free parking on the road outside my house, or on nearby roads. You are also welcome to park on my driveway, on a first come first served basis - there are two spaces. Please let me know in advance if you require one of these spaces for access reasons.

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